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Contours Travel has joined forces with Rotary Club of North Melbourne and created Agua Pura Project. 


Agua Pura is a community project that relies on donations made by people like you: fellow travellers, travel agents, and small & large businesses. So far, Agua Pura has delivered over 350 SawyerPointONE™ Water Filters to schools in remote areas. Our aim is to distribute 500 filters. And for that, we need your help.

About the Project

How can you help

Donate a Water Filter

For only $50 you can send a filter to schools in communities in Peru. They will be distributed by Rotary Club of Cusco to our approved NGOs working with remote community schools

Take the Water Filter on your trip to South America

You can also volunteer to go to the communities and distribute the water filters yourself!

Day Community Project

Read the interview with Jenny and Richard that participated in a one Day Community Project in Peru, where they spent the day helping the community and, most importantly, assisting during the installation of the Water Filter!

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