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 Donate a Water Filter and take it to the community on your trip with Contours Travel

Contours Travel is committed to give a helping hand to those in need. That is why we have joined forces with Rotary Club of North Melbourne and Rotary Club of Cusco to provide people in remote areas with clean, pure, drinking water. And thanks to you, we will be one step closer to make our dream come true.

With your trip, you are already donating a One Sawyer water filter kit to a rural school in mountain areas. You will be transporting the water filter kit to Peru. Just 10cm long and less than 250 grams, the Sawyer PointONE can deliver 1 litre of clean water in 60 seconds. The kit includes everything they need to attach the filter to any plastic bucket or container except the bucket. You would have to carry it in your main luggage as one of the pieces is metal.

You will spend the day helping them in any of these areas but most importantly you will also assist them during the installation of the Sawyer Water Filter!!!

Day Community Project

Read the interview with Jenny and Richard that participated in a one Day Community Project in Peru, where they spent the day helping the community and, most importantly, assisting during the installation of the Water Filter!

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