Community Project Day in Peru

Our Treasures of South America, Contours Collection Small Group Tour in 2013 participated in a one Day Community Project in Peru, where they spent the day helping the community and, most importantly, assisting during the installation of the Water Filter!

We were lucky enough to get an interview with two of the participants on the 2013 tour, Jenny and Richard.


1.How were you received? What was the village like? What about the people?

We were fortunate that Jane from Peru’s Challenge accompanied us on the bus from Cusco to Pumamarca and spoke about the projects undertaken by Peru’s Challenge and the critical importance of safe drinking water in reducing illness in the villages. Hence the value of the water filters.

We were received in a very friendly way by the staff and children. We spent our time at the school rather than visiting the village.

2. Could you briefly go over the activities of that morning? (what did you do when you first got there, what happened next, who made the water filter demonstration, etc.)

After meeting the Principal and some of the teachers at recess we assisted the children with hand washing and applying suntan cream before participating in some of the children’s play through soccer and skipping games. School Assembly followed recess which involved the giving of awards and speeches by at least two of the children. We then visited the bakery and observed bread being made and fashioned specifically in honour of “The Day of the Dead”. Afterwards Jane addressed the group and expressed her profound gratitude for the water filters and the difference drinking safe water would make to the community. Subsequently a man from the village showed the group of mothers how to assemble them.

3. What was the overall experience like?

Visiting Pumamarca was a very important and inspiring part of the trip as an example of what can be achieved by supporting and enabling the local community to be involved in its development and progressively take full responsibility.

4. How did Agua Pura experience change your trip?

The group was very pleased to present the school with the water filters which will have such a positive impact on the health of the community and not just to simply visit it.

5. Would you recommend it to fellow travellers?


6. What about the rest of the trip... did South America exceed your expectations?

Richard and I agree that the Treasures of South America and Post Patagonia Tour last October/November has been our favourite trip anywhere! It is true to say that every place we visited was the best ever until we got to the next one!

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