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Read Ted Dziadkiewicz’s testimonial on the first water filters delivery:


“In April 2013, I flew to Cusco and visited the first community. It was a good feeling delivering the first 5 filters to the school about 6 km up past the village of Pisac, in what is known as the Potato growing area. With the Living Heart foundation, we got introduced to the Headmaster and the teachers, we got the buckets, demonstrated how to work the filters, set it all up as the kids were watching. We had the dirty water coming through and the clean water coming out, and at first, none of the children would take the water. Thinking this was some type of magic. One particular little boy got very cheeky and put his cup in and drank it. And then it was like flies to a honeypot sort of situation, the kids just attacked the water filter, so it was really good fun. And they did taste the difference. A really long line formed behind the filter after that”.

"The day that stands out for me was the visit to Agua Pura project and Peru’s Challenge project at Pumamarca. We met the kids and local women who from the craft co-op. We helped put the water filters together; we got to interact with the delightful children."

Jan & Richard, November 2014

"After travelling around Peru, I was lucky to have the opportunity to help the community. It was very rewarding seeing the smiles on the kids faces when we presented them with the water filters". 

Lucy, 2013

“(…) the communities are thrilled with the water filters as each child is now encouraged to drink water while in class. Previously we have found the children were mostly dehydrated so this has been a very important addition, thank you”.

Sonia Newhouse, Executive Director of Living Heart Peru

Day Community Project

Read the interview with Jenny and Richard that participated in a one Day Community Project in Peru, where they spent the day helping the community and, most importantly, assisting during the installation of the Water Filter!

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