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Volunteer Program

We have a group of 16 people delivering 16 water filters to the Peru Challenge school in the next month at the Pumamarca school. Initially we were going to deliver them to the villages but we didn’t have the logistics or the volume, so it’s easier to supply a school of 3 or 4 classrooms, so all they need is 4 or 5 filters. The second bucket or container has a tab, so the kids can just turn the tap and get water as they need it. And have fresh drinking water.

Installation of water filters in Rural Community school in Peru- Mullak’as – Misminay

One of the communities where we have recently delivered Agua Pura’s water filters is Mullak’as -Misminay.



The rural area, considered a zone of extreme poverty, has a severe water problem. The 300 families that live in Mullak’as -Misminay have weekly access to only 20 liters of drinking water that they need to ration for cooking, drinking and cleaning. This shortage causes health problems related to digestive sicknesses (diarrhea, colic) and skin diseases such as nick and ringworm.The community, formed by indigenous Quechua speakers, is located 54 km away from Cuzco and 3700m above sea level.


Their main activities are agriculture and textile. Although some locals leave the community to work as laborers. For a 8-10 hours work day, they receive 23 soles (less than $9). Current Situation: Residents line up from 4 am to collect water every two days. Each family has the right to take 2 buckets of water (approx. 20 liters).The homes have a pipe connection that supplies them with saltwater, not suitable for human consumption.Food isn’t cooked properly in this water.Clothes are ruined when washed.Saltwater is only suitable for house cleaning. Most families don’t have bathrooms with toilets or showers.Personal hygiene of children and adults is poor.They aren’t able to cultivate orchids to grow vegetables.


To help the community out and change the precarious state it is in, Project Agua Pura has delivered water filters to ‘Colegio Daniel Estrada Pérez’. The 401 students that attend classes and the 21 professionals that work in the local pre, primary, and secondary school can now drink clean water every day. Children now enjoy a better quality of life and know that their school will always be able to provide them with the pure water they do not get at home.

Day Community Project

Read the interview with Jenny and Richard that participated in a one Day Community Project in Peru, where they spent the day helping the community and, most importantly, assisting during the installation of the Water Filter!

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